There is a world to create

A world of possibilities to be able to say your story, to invent something unique and personal that goes beyond the single object.

Since 2004 the competence and passion for the manual arts have led us to specialize more and more in the field of handmade bijoux, which at that time began to see the light in Italy. In addition to the sale of components and accessories for costume jewelry, we focus on the teaching of techniques such as Soutache, which has become our flagship.

We are very active in promoting learning and we have artistic and creative skills that allow us to support clients in their creations, from ideas to realization.

We personally study fashions and trends, and we offer, in our shop, only tested products that meet our quality standards.

We transform your passion into an opportunity to express yourself

Like you, we love to break existing patterns to create new ones, so we encourage personal expression and experimentation by providing the tools and knowledge to make creativity flourish.

Suggestions, more than ideas to be copied, because we believe that every creation represents the inspiration and know-how of those who make it, becoming an important vehicle for communication.

With Filincanto you have everything you need to give shape to your aesthetic taste and showcase your values thanks to objects that reflect your personality.